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Who Am I???

My name is Alyshia Taylor I am a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. I am the last of six children, The wife of William Andrew Taylor Jr, and The mother of Breonna Hairston. I recieved my high school diploma in 2005 from Bennett Middle College an all girl school in my hometown. I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the Leadership of Pastor J. and Elder B. Bynum of God's Miracle Ministry for Deliverance Inc. located in Greensboro, North Carolina. I absoluletly love to cook, write, help others,dance, and sing. I am a big fan of Art in any style My favorite artist is Jackson Pollock. I also love working with Children because it's an oppurtunity to build leaders for the future. I am a Woman of purpose, plan and vision. I believe in putting God first in everything that I do. 

Alyshia The Author

I have been writing since I was a child. I started out using composition books only writing about how my day was at school, or places that I wanted to go, or have been, my favorite animals, and stuff I was afraid of and other childminded things. I always hid the book because I did not want anyone else to read it. This book was like my best friend . As I grew older I began to write about my identity and my thoughts and my feelings as a way to cope with things that I never shared with anyone. Writing is another form of thinking for me. It allows me to escape from the real world and go to a place that I know only I can reach to utilize my ability to write. 

My Creativity

Before I began to write I find a quiet place, and then I brainstorm. Sometimes it's a place that has the scene of what I want to write about, Maybe a little soft music then I get started. Most of what I write are non-fiction because I have a passion to help change lives, and encourage others. As I prepare to write I transfer into the character(s) that I want to write about and my atmosphere changes into the setting to make it easier to free write and flow.  It takes more than a couple of weeks to finish a good story, I truly believe that this is a gift from God to be able to write. Your eyes are the windows to your mind. So when a reader begins to read one of my books it will be able to capture the mind and prick their hearts. Writers that I admire are "Zane", " Eric Jerome Dickey", "Tyler Perry" & "Janelle Wright Middleton" each individual writer has a unique and creative talent about themselves that inspires me.

Diary Of A Virtuous Woman

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